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What They Are Saying...

Greetings to whom it may concern,

Roger that. Thanks again for the outstanding customer service. I will be sure to mention that when I tell people about your website. Thank you and God Bless.

Very respectfully, Josh Wynner

Dear Deej and Nicholas,

I just received the new Spring magazine and I want to tell you how impressed I am with Bryan Snuffer’s work. He certainly deserves to be recognized. In today’s arena of admittedly very good, even very fine, aviation artists, Bryan Snuffer is a throwback, a painter, someone who enjoys displaying his chosen work in the manner of an artist whose roots go back to even Rembrandt. He enjoys moving paint, using it to model his subject, whether it’s a Coast Guard helicopter and its crew or Navy carrier aircraft and their ship. His light sources don’t just throw black and white shadows but provide his main suibjects a color-filled stage on which to “live.” Congratulations for choosing him for this year’s recipient of the award. RG would be pleased, and congratulations to Bryan for earning it.



I've received my order and am astounded at the incredible work you produce. Thank you! The C-130 always brings back some great memories of time served in Elizabeth City and the great friendships that remain today.

Sincerely, Paul B. Sumner former AM2

Bryan, Thank you so much. I appreciate your attention to customer service/satisfaction.
~LCDR Eric Evans, USCG

We, as your customer, were thrilled with the painting and I know that the recipient was very happy as well. It struck exactly the celebratory tone that we were looking for, and we felt the painting captured the bright future that was referenced on the engraved plate.

Thank you so much for all of your work on this! We truly appreciate the long hours and the painstaking detail that you executed on this rendering of the future aircraft. Thanks for being so accessible and amenable to our direction. That combination, along with your artistic vision, made for an on-time delivery of a beautiful product.
~Maggy Cosmini - UTC Aerospace Systems

"I purchased 'A Dangerous Symphony' ... It is a masterful piece ... love it ..."
~Richard C. Parri

"This is beautiful!!!!! We are very lucky to have such a wonderful talent capturing some of the best of the Coast Guard!!!!"
~Casey Medlin

"I could not wait to hire Bryan to create something new and fantastic!"

"Bryan's artistic impression captures the intensity of the moment at a graduation ceremony culminating a year of USAF pilot training. Commitment, dedication, sacrifice, and courage is blanketed by the freedom and liberty of this great nation. Cheers to you Bryan! Awesome work!"
~Lance Buller (USAF, RET)

"Definitely captured the moment, incredible detail work!"
~Brad Tullis